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As an educator and a parent, I could not be more impressed with the quality of the care provided by Luciane Ribeiro at The Childrens Connection. My two year old daughter, Esme, attended full days five days a week for one school year. In just nine months, she has learned so much and, more importantly, found a true home-away-from-home.

Luciane's family her husband, George; her two teenage children; her sisters; as well as several trusted friends are an invaluable resource. On any given day, the children may savor one of Georges homecooked meals or enjoy story time with him; they may play soccer with Luciane's daughter, or build a snow-fort with her son. The Children's Connection has all the benefits of a school a smart, sensitive, and caring teacher; plenty of materials and opportunities to learn; a piano teacher who comes once a week with all the warmth of a happy family environment. The result: happy children and parents alike; Esme never cries when I drop her off, only when we leave at the end of the day! I would not hesitate to recommend Luciane's school to any parent. You will be truly impressed by all the ways in which your child learns and grows.


Elizabeth R. J. Pritchett  - 19 May 2011

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