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About Us

Children playing at Beaver Brook park.
Children's Connection


Welcome to Children's Connection! We are a large child care facility (licensed for ten children) committed to offering high quality child care in Belmont, Massachusetts since 2003. We are licensed by the State Department of Early Education and Care and by the Town of Belmont.


We provide:

  • High quality child care for children aged 2.9 or more

  • Variety of activities - indoors and outdoors

  • Healthy snacks and hot lunches daily


Children's Connection has an experienced teacher and the best references. It is conveniently located at 614 Trapelo Road, a ten minute walk from Waverley Square and a two minute walk to Beaver Brook Park and its well equipped children's playground.



At Children's Connection we celebrate childhood as a special time in one's life. We provide a learning environment focused on the unique needs of young children. Throughout the day at CC the children will take part in a variety of activities, some of which provide for free exploration, all with emphasis on play. Our aim is to allow each child to discover his or her own unique talents through activities that foster intellectual, social and physical growth.

Snacks and Meals 

Children's Connection is committed to a healthy diet every day. The children will be served homemade hot lunches daily from "My Other Kitchen". Snacks will include fresh fruits and a variety of goods. Birthdays are, of course, an exception: we will celebrate them with cupcakes!

School Schedule

Our day is structured in order for the children to have a routine and feel comfortable transitioning from one activity to another.

8:00 - Arrival time. Free play

9:00 - Art activities. Projects & clean up

9:45 - Circle time

10:00 - Snack time

10:30 - Specialist class (piano weekly)

11:00 - Outdoor play

12:00 - Lunch Time

01:00 - Dismissal (Half-day)

01:20 - 03:00 - Nap time

03:00 - 04:00 - Wake-up time/Snack Time

04:00 - Free time & dismissal

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