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As an educator and a parent, I could not be more impressed with the quality of the care provided by Luciane Ribeiro at The Childrens Connection. My two year old daughter, Esme, attended full days five days a week for one school year. In just nine months, she has learned so much and, more importantly, found a true home-away-from-home. Were it not for the fact that we are moving, we would continue to send Esme to the Childrens Connection and would send our newborn son as soon as he was old enough to attend. Simply put: the decision we made to send Esme to Lucianes school (as Esme calls it) was clearly the best decision weve made as parents so far.

My husband and I both teach at private schools in the Boston area, so we were picky in choosing a daycare. Unlike the big daycare center where Esme spent her first year, we wanted her to have more of a connection to her caregivers while still being part of a pre-school. Enter: Luciane Ribeiro, a warm, fun-loving, smart, and energetic teacher. From the moment Esme began at the Childrens Connection, she was at ease both in the space (which is gorgeous and outfitted with loads of well chosen toys, art supplies, books, and music) and with Luciane. Luciane makes it a point to get to know each child well and to approach each one on their own terms she worked closely with my husband and me to really understand Esmes personality, her strengths, and weaknesses. In just a few weeks, Luciane seemed to really get our child, and I often marveled at how easily she was able to diffuse tantrums and to help Esme channel her spirited nature in positive directions. Indeed, Luciane was often a source of valuable insight and (solicited) advice to us as parents we quickly adopted many of her pro-active discipline strategies, such as delivering directions through simple and fun songs; giving warnings before transitions, etc. Luciane also helped to guide Esme through the transition to life with a new brother and provided her with additional stability, guidance and love throughout what could have, otherwise, been a difficult time for her (and her parents!).

Lucianes family her husband, George; her two teenage children; her sisters; as well as several trusted friends are an invaluable resource. On any given day, the children may savor one of Georges homecooked meals or enjoy story time with him; they may play soccer with Lucianes daughter, or build a snow-fort with her son. The Childrens Connection has all the benefits of a school a smart, sensitive, and caring teacher; plenty of materials and opportunities to learn; a piano teacher who comes once a week with all the warmth of a happy family environment. The result: happy children and parents alike; Esme never cries when I drop her off, only when we leave at the end of the day! I would not hesitate to recommend Lucianes school to any parent. You will be truly impressed by all the ways in which your child learns and grows.

Elizabeth R. J. Pritchett
19 May 2011

"...As a pediatrician I value early childhood education and can appreciate the wonderful learning environment Luciane creates at the Children's Connection. It is an asset to the local community. I also marvel at her ability to manage all the children in her care so effortlessly. It is evident how much she loves working with young children and helping them grow."

Donna K. Wren, M.D.
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
NSMC North Shore Children's Hospital
Salem, Massachusetts.

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"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Luciane Ribeiro. From the moment I walked into Children's Connection over four years ago, I could feel the warmth and love that is ever present at this center. Children's Connection is truly unique in its ability to combine a loving environment with that of a school where children two years and older can learn everything from how to share with their friends, hold a paintbrush and learn to imaginatively create, and sing and dance to the music of a pianist who visited the center weekly. Children learn through creative and imaginative play, and interacting with one and other. Both my daughters, extremely different in personalities, thrived under the nurturing and guidance of Luciane. She fosters this wonderful feeling of community among children and their families, and an amazing sense of security..."

"I could not even count the number of families I have personally referred to Children's Connection. It is truly a wonderful place for children and families alike..."

Traci Doherty
Suffolk University Health Services.

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"I am delighted to write a letter or recommendation on behalf of Luciane RIbeiro and her fabulous school... My son, Henry, is in his second year at Children's Connection and each day he comes home excited to tell me about the day's adventures. He will frequently declare, 'This was the best school day ever!'"

"I can certainly understand his enthusiasm. Luciane manages to create a stimulating, yet relaxing, environment every day. She excels at following the children's interests and moods and guiding them through a day uniquely tailored to their needs. Henry's school days with Luciane truly reflect the principle that 'children learn best when they are playing and having fun.'"

"I am impressed by the artwork, music, outdoor adventures and writing Luciane is able to guide them through on a daily basis. One possesses a wonderful combination of energy and serenity that engages the children and helps them joyfully experience their time together."

"The physical space at the school is outstanding. It is beautiful, full of light, and everything in the space is thoughtfully considered for the kids' interests and needs..."

Martha Saillant Brown

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"We are writing in support of Luciane Ribeiro and the Children's Connection of Belmont, MA. We have used this facility for our two children and have been thrilled with their services. Our two children attended from the age of 2 years through 4 years of age. They were consistently eager to go to “Luciane's” and still ask about when they can go back to visit."

"The facility is beautifully set up, spotless, and we have never heard of even a boo-boo happening to any of the children. They always came home with lovely and well thought out art projects. They went outside frequently and were always appropriately dressed. The snacks and meals that she provided were balanced and loved by our children..."

Kirsten Meisinger, MD and Austin Patrick Egan, MD
Arlington, Massachusetts.

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"Our daughter, Isabella Maldarelli, who is now five years old, was a student of Ms. Ribeiro's for three years, and we were extremely pleased with the care and guidance that she provided. From everything we saw during those years, it was apparent that Ms. Ribeiro is wonderful with children, and she always planned interesting activities and projects to occupy the children. She always impressed us as being a capable, friendly, trustworthy, and motivated caregiver. Isabella definitely enjoyed spending time in her care. Furthermore, when we dropped off Isabella to Ms. Ribeiro's home and picked her up later, the home was always orderly, and Ms. Ribeiro was always calmly in charge of the situation. We are so impressed with the level of care Ms. Ribeiro provided to Isabella that we intend to enroll our younger daughter, Katarina, into Ms. Ribeiro's daycare next year."

Andrea & Frank Maldarelli
Belmont, Massachusetts.

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